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Walk-In Chiropractic

Walk-In Chiropractic


About Us

At Walk-In Chiropractic, Dr. Bret Glas, D.C., provides you with the same chiropractic care he does for his family at an affordable rate and as you want or need. Just Walk-In! No insurance needed. Seriously! Just WALK-IN! If you want to save some time in the office, go to our website and find the New Patient Paperwork, print it out, fill it out and bring it with you.

Dr. Glas has been in practice for 24+ years and has discovered this simple approach to convenient affordable chiropractic care for you and your entire family. Just Walk-In and inquire about our affordable membership option of payment. Membership brings your regular spinal adjustment to only $10 per visit.

He also provides extremity adjustments for those of us that have shoulder, elbow, wrist, hip, knee or ankle problems. Sometimes adjusting the extremities allows for a better spinal adjustment or allows it to hold longer. This decreases stress on the entire system.

He is also certified in and provides movement and mobility evaluation and correction. This includes stretching and other mobilizing techniques. Movement correction can be for your avid gym goer to your weekend warrior to your kid in sports to your professional athlete. Sometimes just a little tweak in how we move can make a huge difference in our performance before an injury happens. Although, when injuries do happen mobility can have huge added benefits to your overall health and well-being. Movement and mobility go along with chiropractic adjustment like brushing and flossing.



Dr. Bret Glas, D.C. of Walk-In Chiropractic
Dr. Bret Glas, D.C. at Walk-In Chiropractic
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment on the beach with an audience
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment after surfing
Walk-In Chiropractic shoulder adjustment
Walk-In Chiropractic beach adjustment
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment on the beach
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment after boogie boarding
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment and 33 Principles of Chiropractic
Walk-In Chiropractic adjustment sponsoring S. 8th St life ring!

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