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The Children's Hunger Project



About Us

The Children’s Hunger Project raises money locally, purchases food and brings the food to our Cocoa facility. Our volunteers assemble and wrap the food into convenient kid-friendly packages. We then deliver the packages of food to the schools. Each Friday, when the children leave for the weekend, school administrators, teachers, and counselors distribute the food packages to the children who they have identified as being ''at-risk'' for hunger and under-nutrition. These are children they know are coming to school hungry on Monday mornings. The children are empowered to feed themselves over the course of the weekend no matter the family circumstances.

The Children's Hunger Project is a 501(c)(3) non-profit charity dedicated to eliminating the growing problem of weekend childhood hunger.

With the help of a dedicated staff and team of volunteers, we provide kid-friendly food packages to elementary school students who would normally come to school hungry on Monday mornings. Improved nutrition on the weekends enable ''at-risk'' children to be better prepared to participate in their education.


A weekend food pack
Dunkin Donuts donates $5,000 to help hungry children
Working with United Way reading program during the summer
A grant from Wells Fargo
Painting With a Twist Fund Raiser
Sherriff Ivey helps raise funds to feed hungry kids

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