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Sierra Lobo, Inc.



About Us

Sierra Lobo, Inc. incorporated in 1993 and won our first contract in 1994. The founders serve as CEO and COO today. Their backgrounds include engineering in the oil and gas industry, naval nuclear operations, and aerospace testing. That, combined with their interests in developing technology to better human kind, laid the foundation for their vision and focus on customer service excellence, innovation, growth, and risk management. SLI has exhibited growth throughout their history expanding from test and evaluation to engineering services work. Customers include the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), US Army, US Air Force, US Navy, and private industry. Sierra Lobo has a proud history of excellence supported by awards and recognitions such as receiving two of NASA’s George M. Low awards.

We specialize in providing test, evaluation and engineering services to the aerospace sector nationwide. We also offer in-house engineering and R&D services through our Technology Development and Engineering Center (TDEC) in northern Ohio. We have a proud history providing excellent services and products to our customer in government and industry. We believe that our success is based on adhering to our core principles and values that include: integrity; service; excellence; dignity; and growth. Please take time to learn more about our people, business, and ideals.

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