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About Us

Our tradition began in 1964 when Gary K. Hobbs opened a full-service drug store to provide the astronauts, engineers, and their families who would land a man on the moon the medicine and services they needed. Along with his wife, Patricia, and their four children, Mr. Hobbs' pharmacy was poised at the dawn of aeronautical history. The Apollo Mission brought together some of the greatest minds and adventurers of our time. Gary remembers well the astronauts' wives coming to visit the store to calm their nerves while their husbands were in space!

As the space program, NASA, and Merritt Island grew, so did Hobbs pharmacy. The pharmacy thrived with the influx of professionals and retirees moving to the lush surroundings of coastal Brevard County, Florida. And Hobbs remains committed to the community which supported us through those years.

After 25 years of service, Gary passed the reins to his son Mark Hobbs who would continue the tradition established while he was just a child. Mark would streamline the operation and diversify the store to include infusion therapy services, medical equipment, compounding and consulting services. At the sametime our personal commitment to the customer has remained our core business philosophy and everyday practice.

In the fall of 2009 Hobbs Pharmacy renovated and expanded.

Hobbs is an exceptional example of a thriving independent pharmacy in a world of corporate consolidation. By proving ourselves as a leader in pharmacy and community service, Hobbs can provide services no chain-store is able or willing to offer its customers.


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